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Advantages and ROI

The use of image library software
like Mirada will save you
time and money.

Saving time.

  • Finding images is quick and easy.
  • No bottlenecks. Everyone in the organization can obtain whatever image they need, whenever they need them. 24/7.
  • Resizing and retrieving is so simple that any user can do it.
  • The cataloguing and maintenance of the database is performed collaboratively by users, with minimal overhead and much less overall effort.
  • Easily receiving images from external agencies. They can upload them directly, and they can be later approved by users.
  • Quickly sharing images with partners and customers.

All time savings are cost savings!

  • Better use of existing resources. Knowing what you already have will ensure that you do not pay twice for the same image.
  • Efficient reuse of images among colleagues and departments. This reduces the communication overhead and ensures the best fitting image available to the organization is always used, independently of the department that owns it.
  • Save legal costs by avoiding mistakes such as publishing images without a license.
  • Better use of disk space, avoiding images duplicated across different departments.



An innovative web-based application to manage images based on users' collaboration and automatic tagging algorithms.

users’ collaboration

Mirada's capabilities create a centralized, efficient and intelligent image library.