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Mirada is a web application.

It can be installed in your in-house or external server; or you can get a hosting and maintenance plan at our infrastructure.

Collaborative environment.

Mirada is an ideal environment for users to collaborate. Users contribute to a better performance of the system by uploading and tagging photos. Users engagement is promoted by a scoring system that rewards them every time they contribute.

Automatic and intelligent tagging.

The system suggests additional tags based on image recognition algorithms and user's tags.

Visualize image meta-data.

Mirada collects meta-data stored in the image by digital cameras and image software and presents it in a structured format.

Powerful search engine.

Quickly search your image database using keywords and advanced searches. From the title and tags, to the camera model or GPS coordinates where it was shot.

Easy image uploading.

Users can add images to Mirada using their web browser. Uploading multiple images at once is also possible, allowing the user to tag them altogether.

All common image formats supported.

And the list is growing.

Users privilege management.

Administrator can decide which actions each kind of user can perform.

Fits in with your company's brand.

We can easily change the look and feel of the application to fit your company's style.



An innovative web-based application to manage images based on users' collaboration and automatic tagging algorithms.

users’ collaboration

Mirada's capabilities create a centralized, efficient and intelligent image library.